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The functional training aims to help you become apt user of the software. The objective is to help the attendees make the most of the Tryton and know all its features. 


This modular course is dedicated to IT Managers of Hospitals who want to get a better functional understanding of Odoo and implement the same in their organization. After attending the course an audience will be attuned to the Odoo features and develop better understanding of the software.

Duration 6 days


Having attended this course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the functional concepts.
  • Set up a new Tryton system with the appropriate Tryton modules and access rights.
  • Work with the software on a daily basis.
  • Manage all major enterprise processes using Tryton.
  • Configure the software using the standard modules.
  • Master the Tryton client interface.
  • Apply general system administrator settings.


Participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of Enterprise Management.

CRM & Sales Management

Tryton Sales Management allows you to keep track of your best leads and opportunities. It helps you perform an array of functions and you can:

  • Customize your sales cycle,
  • Controls statistics and forecasts
  • Setup marketing campaign automation


This course is meant to give an overview of the basic configuration of Tryton and the use of the Sales Management Module to follow your leads, opportunities, meetings and phone calls.

Course content

  • Exercises introducing to the different types of views within Tryton (list view, form view, calendar view,…) and different main concepts as a Partner, Sales Order,… It provides also information about the installation and configuration of a new database, creation of users and assignments of rights. Set up a new Tryton system with the appropriate modules and access rights
  • The Tryton CRM application allows you to efficiently track your sales activities.From the first contact by email or website form up to the sales order fulfillment, Tryton allows salesmen to concentrate on their deals and manage the full sales flow(lead qualification> opportunity tracking > quotation > sales order) while keeping a global vision of each stage.

Purchase Management

Tryton’s Purchase Management application enables you to create and track your purchase orders, to manage your suppliers’ address book, to control your products reception process and to check suppliers’ invoices. Users can create their own personalized analysis with the reporting tool.


This module will give the trainee a better functional understanding of purchase management flow within Tryton. From defining suppliers and products to a whole purchase flow (Request for Quotation -> Purchase Order -> Reception -> Supplier Invoice).

Course content

  • Define categories of suppliers
  • Follow your suppliers (In the Address Book, you can keep track of all moves and transactions of a given supplier.)
  • Import Suppliers
  • Create product categories and products
  • Create initial stock inventory
  • Control Receptions
  • Basic Purchase Flow
  • Automated Propositions (You will receive automated proposition of purchases by Tryton according to stock levels, sales, etc.)
  • Personalized analysis (Analyse the performance of your suppliers using the flexible reporting: delivery delays, discount on prices, etc.)

Warehouse Management

Inventory is always considered to be an important business element that prevents business from falling down. The need for an efficient software like Tryton inventory management arises as a host of activities are managed under inventory management and it is indispensable and significant for streamlining every action. It empowers business manage its product or asset inventory without facing many hurdles. It is a revolutionary double entry inventory system which cuts down your process times, bring down your stock levels, automate transactions, and  gives complete traceability on all operations.

Tryton inventory management is a robust, flexible and freely downloadable software for managing an array of inventory processes that include:

  • Tracking every inventory levels
  • Facilitating maximum sales and orders
  • Initiating timely deliveries etc.

The role of Odoo Inventory Management software is not only confined to management of inventory but it also caters to the functionalities within the manufacturing department.


This module will give trainee a better functional understanding of integration of stock management within Tryton (defining stock location, warehouse, stock rules replenishment, automatic order point,)

Course content

The Warehouse Management tools provide all operations needed to manage stock:

  • Define warehouses and structure them around locations.
  • Manage inventory rotation and stock levels.
  • Execute packing orders generated by the system.
  • Calculate theoretical stock levels and automate stock valuation.
  • Create rules for automatic stock replenishment.

Human Resources

A Human Resource Management strives to attain its final objective which is to make sure an easy management of business processes, human resources, and data. Businesses use Human Resource Software to combine numerous HR functions that include:

  • Employee relations
  • Recruitment processes
  • Payrolls and benefits
  • Storing Employee Data
  • Benefits administration
  • Recruitment processes
  • Record keeping

It makes sure everyday Human Resources processes are easy to access and manageable. Odoo, is an open source ERP that manages all the needs of an enterprise like accounting, human resource management, warehouse management, inventory, customer relationship management, sales etc. It serves as a suite of enterprise application that enhances the efficiency of business solutions. Here, we will discuss how Odoo can bring about radical changes in Human Resource Management.

We all are accustomed to the crucial role that HR plays in an enterprise for identifying the right resources, retaining them and utilizing them to the core in favor of the organization.


This module gives trainee a better understanding of Human Resources functionalities such as Employees, Contracts encoding to the management of holidays, expenses and time tracking.

Course content

In Tryton, the Human Resources Management tools provide functionalities such as :

  • management of staff and the holiday calendar
  • management of employment contracts
  • management of holiday and sickness breaks
  • managing claims processes
  • management of staff performance
  • management of skills and competencies

Project Management

With Tryton’s project management app, your team can carry out their tasks  efficiently as well as expeditiously. You will be able to keep track of everything from the customer contract to the billing, from the big picture to the minute details. It is incredibly easy to use and infinitely flexible. It helps you organize projects the way you want. For instance, Kanban view without getting you bogged down in unnecessary complexities give you flexibility to work efficiently on tasks and issues, control deadlines in the calendar view and schedule tasks using gantt chart. If you know how to stay organized, you are sure to excel in whatever you do. You will get attuned to the easy-to-use interface in no time and all your action will appear instantaneous so there is no impediment between you and your sweet productive flow.


This module will give trainee a better understanding to manage their project at short or long term (creating project and their related tasks, spending time on task and billing time spent to customer,… ).

Course Content

Tryton’s project management tools handle projects related to Services or Support, Production or Development. It enables to:

  • organise the activities into tasks and plan the work needed to get the tasks completed
  • handle an efficient allocation of resources
  • short and long term project planning
  • scheduling and automatic email communication which keeps your partners updated on the project’s progress status.
  • to get your partners informed on the project’s progress status
  • Have a graphical representations of project plans thanks to Gantt diagrams
  • Have a synchronization between tasks and timesheets
  • Generate project analysis


Would it not be great if you could automatically organised manufacturing orders? What if, you could gain unrivaled control and flexibility in all operations? Will it not create difference if manufacturing orders, launch purchase orders are automatically organised? Manufacturing Resource Planning is yet another powerful module of Tryton that gives you terrific control over all your supply chain activities. You will be able to plan and control each and every aspect of your supply chain through different applications in the manufacturing module. In addition to that you can personalize your master data, manage your manufacturing, configure planning and work orders. The overall performance of a company largely depends on how its manufacturing and supply chain department are doing.


This module will give training a better functional understanding of manufacturing process – how to manager bill of materials from selling them to customer to the delivery through the production of finished products.

Course content

The manufacturing module manages all the practices concerning manufacturing industries:

  • Multi-level BoM and routings.
  • Phantom BoM’s.
  • Work Centre Operations.
  • Manufacturing concepts and settings.
  • Manufacturing Orders.

Financial & Analytical Accounting

With a view to easing the job of Finance & Accounting professionals, Tryton has introduced the Finance & Accounts App. It’s one of its kind and can perform various functions with the ease that run the gamut from basic journal entry creation, budget management, analytic accounting to advanced business intelligence reports. Odoo is a highly productive accounting ERP that can cater to the needs of any business. It is instrumental in augmenting the overall performance of the Finance & Accounts department. With Tryton’s Finance & Accounts module in place, you can record your operations in just a few clicks and manage all your financial activities in one place. Financial operation shave never been easier. Let’s dig into the key features of the module to understand how it can help you take your business to new heights.


This module provides trainee a better functional understanding of Financial and Analytical part of the application (Invoice, Refund but also periodical processing such as reconciliation, payment follow-up,…).

Course content

  • Manage operations clearly but also to use efficient tools for financial analysis based on real-time data.
  • Configure your accounting structure from A to Z, defining automated recurring actions as well as payment and budget follow-up
  • Drive your strategic enterprise decisions with the analytic (or cost) accounting modules.
  • Have access to key information thanks to dynamic accounting dashboards
  • Keep track of accounting moves by providing flexible data entry for people without accounting background.
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