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Enterprises across the world are calculating on streamlining their business processes with Odoo integration. Integration of Magento with Odoo is yet another powerful tool that can help your business grow by leaps and bounds. If experts are to be believed, Magento is one of the best application for front end of your web shop on the other hand Odoo is a perfect back office application that supports all the business processes needed by a company.

Connector features

The integration facilitates smooth sale orders imports from Magento to Odoo and product catalog export from Odoo to Magento. You will be able to import categories, catalogues and products along with addresses and customers information. With Magneto Odoo connector, you can import every order status including the cancelled orders in just a few clicks. There could be other orders which are pending, started, enqueued, done or failed can also be easily imported. It is possible to create a contact with connector even, if it did not exist earlier.

No Duplication: The reason why data redundancy is significantly cut down is that an individual task is created for each record to import in Odoo for customer, sales order, product and other categories.

Odoo virtual stocks allow you to stay updated about product stocks.

Synchronisation: Based on the order status in Odoo, the Magento Odoo connector processes the import of orders and thus synchronise the information across the e-commerce and Odoo platforms.


Management of product types: The import of all types of products except configurable products is supported by the Magento Odoo which helps the users to maintain a perfect record of the inventory by creating a bill of materials for bundled product types.

Fully Tested: The connector and the integration are under the close scrutiny of unit test cases which check the functionality with different order and product types and other combinations.

It is ascertained through testing that the connector behaviour is predictable and active feature does not hinder the working features. You can see it for yourself.

The Magneto integration with Odoo can change the face of your business and in no time you can experience that many of your business processes have been optimised and started yielding positive results. A good many of our esteemed clients have been benefited profoundly by this amalgamation (integration of Magneto with Odoo).

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