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There are scores of factors including manual procedures, short time allotments and extensive volumes of archives that make Bidding & Tender management a tedious and resource intensive process but Bid & Tender Management, Odoo’s yet another powerful module, weeds out unnecessary complexities and eases the process which enable you to focus around winning contracts. Odoo is gaining ground and becoming exceddingly popular not among the  big enterprises but also SMEs due to a host of benefits it offer. Let’s explore the key features of this amazing module which will help you understand why it is indespensible for your business as well.

Key Features

  • Smart and streamlined – The bidding process is all organised with a web-based platform that can be accessed from anywwhere and at any time. It results in reducing management and enhancing efficiency.
  • Confidential process – Odoo’s Bid & Tender Management helps you cast aside all securiy woes as all information remain confidential and safeguarded untill the submission deadline has passed. Stakeholders have access to the information that is designated to their user group.
  • Document Management – Manage all documents received from Client or created internally in single window with revisions for easy management and economies of time.
  • Checklists – Define Pre-Bid, Bidding & Post-Bid Checklists to organize activities for estimation & tendering, assign to various stakeholders and keep track of status.
  • Bill of Quantities/Schedule of Work – Create or import detailed Scope of Work defined in the Tender to estimate costing
  • Approvals – Multiple Stage Management with approvals for technical & commercial bidding before final submission.
  • Integrated with CRM & Project Management – Seamlessly integrated with CRM & Inventory module to efficiently link various processes and provide real time status on Opportunities, Tenders & Projects.
  • Reports at a glance – You will get to know on real time basis when bid and tender documenets are received and opened, and when submissions have been returned to expedite the evalution and award process.
  • Alerts & Notifications – Get timely alerts and notifications for urgent activities, follow-ups, MIS reports, etc.

With Odoo’s Bid & Tender Management module, bidding and tender management is longer a burdensome task as most of the processes have been automated allowing you to breeze through all the difficulties associated with the process. Most importantly, it helps you make timely and business-friendly decisions. You have all the information necessary to make important decisions right in front of you so your chances to commit mistakes dwindle away to zero. It is, in fact, an important tool in the hands of a professional to surmount all problems associated with the bidding & tender managment. Moreover, it secures and safeguards all the information which is the need of the hour as businesses all around the world are taking stern

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