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Comprehensive Indian Payroll Management System available with all compliance’s, reports and for all kinds of businesses.

Key Features

  • Innovative Salary Structure – Robust in-built engine to manage Indian Salary Rules and modify current rules to generate new structures on the fly.
  • Contract Management – Manage Employee Contracts to capture Employee’s Salary Structure, Special Rules and attributes directly linked with employee.
  • Investment Declaration – Employee can declare their investment at the start of the year and review and update before close of the year to generate accurate TDS deduction in their payslips.
  • Integrated with Attendance & Leave – Seamlessly integrated with Attendance & Leave Management module to fetch paid days and leave encashment amounts
  • Loans, Salary Advance & Overtime – Optional Plugins available to manage loan, salary advance or overtime and directly integrated with payroll to account for them in payslip.
  • Flexible Payroll Processing – Process payroll either by batch or individually as per choice. Batches can be generated based on departments, projects or locations.
  • Payroll Compliance – Generates all your necessary statutory reports required in India such as Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance, Professional Tax, Labour Welfare Funds, etc.
  • Payroll Reports – Get flexible payroll reports to analyse payroll with department, allowances, deductions, period like Muster Roll, Salary Register, Bank Statement, etc.
  • Full & Final Settlement – It computes for you a whole lot of things which an employee is entitled to receive when he/she is leaving the company that include
  • Unpaid salary
  • Yearly bonus
  • Reimbursement balance
  • Gratuity
  • Leave encasement

Alerts & Notifications – Get timely alerts and notifications for urgent activities, follow-ups, MIS reports.

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