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Odoo ERP Implementation with Purchase Management

Tracking supplier’s price quotation and turning them into Purchase orders as you need is just a child’s play with the Purchase Module of Odoo. Remarkably unique features of the Purchase Module enable you to handle all of your purchase orders in a very effective manner. It also facilitates the purchase team to manage procurement of raw material and supplier master efficiently and intelligently. Let’s dig into the key features of the purchase module:

Key Features

Purchase Automation – Automatically Generate RFQ’s & Purchase Orders based on stock levels, logistic rules, sales orders, forecast manufacturing orders, etc.

Contract Management – Contract mangement was never so easy and it used to take significant amount of an employee’s time but with Odoo’s purchase management module , you can generate recurring vendor contracts based on time and materials, generate invoices phase wise and maintain renewal.

Pricelists – With Odoo’s Purchase Management module, you can import supplier’s price lists and references which will enable you to make purchase decisions in the flick of a second. Moreover, your purchase decision is grounded in pertinent information that you have gathered from supplier’s price list and references like promotions, quantities and special contract condition etc.


Purchase Tenders – Create Call for Bids for purchases to see vendor offers at a glance, compare quotes and choose the vendor using informed decision process.

Purchase Agreement – Buy goods from a supplier at a pre-negotiated price, on a recurring basis during a specific period.

 Approvals – Order Approval process based on amount or product category as per company’s hierarchy

 Integrated with Sales, Inventory & Billing – Seamlessly integrated with Sales, Inventory & Billing module to efficiently link various processes and provide real time status on orders.

 Get Real-time Statistics – Get precise forecasts on vendor’s performance for delivery delays, negotiated discounts on prices, quantities purchased. Flexible reporting options with pivot and graphical views and with all possible filters and groups.

Alerts & Notifications – Timely information is in fact the wisely information. All you need is timely alert, if not for anything, then a tragedy to avert. It even holds more importance in purchase management and is treat to eyes, it is through alerts and notifications, you say all problems bye bye. Be it urgent activities, follow-ups, MIS reports or inactivity on leads, with Odoo’s purchase managment, all problems you can weed.

Mulling over the key features of Odoo’s Purchase Management module, it can be safely concluded that with the help of Odoo’s purchase management module not all the purchase realted tasks in an organisations can be carried out expeditiosly but also flawlessly. It will not only save time but also allows an enterprise to engage their staffs in other meaningful tasks helping them to avoid redundant tasks. The tasks that earlier involves a lot of thinking and energy can now be completed in just a few clicks with the help of Odoo’s Purchase Management Module. It augments you capacity manifold times and certainly not a dime a dozen concept which is why both SMEs as well as big enterprises are relying on the power of Odoo to leverage their business. No matter what is ailing purchase department, odoo’s purchase management module will help you not only get the better of it but put you in a position where you will derive the maximum benefits from that ailing function.

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