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Odoo ERP Training – 10 DAYS FOR FRESHER


Apagen offers the ten days Odoo ERP training program that aims at providing thorough knowledge in usability/Configuration of the software. The participants will learn to make the most out of Odoo and get attuned to Odoo ERP extensive features. They will get to learn the complete functional configurations and understand how to analyze basic data.

Audience of Odoo ERP Training

All the partners, integrators and end-users who want to have a better functional understanding. of Odoo will be benefited from this Odoo ERP training the most. This course is meant to give an overview of the Odoo ERP features which will allow participants to have general understanding of the software. After attending the training session. you will get to know that you need not to be a technology geek. to understand how Odoo functions and how efficiently and swimmingly you can carry out the tasks. which were earlier considered burdensome by you.

Duration 10 days

Objectives of Odoo ERP Training 

Not to mention, Having attended this course participants will be able to:

✔ The participants will have the fair idea of how a business operates.
✔ How a business can be integrated with ERP and what are the benefits an enterprise owner will derive after ERP implementation.
✔ How to configure whole ERP as per the business needs and usability.
✔ Can do data migrations.
✔ Can do installation of Odoo and can Manage ERP server environments
✔ Can do business process analysis
✔ and some other benefits are mentioned below in more details


ERP and Related Technologies : One of the major hunches an ERP professional faces is while integrating ERP with other related technologies. This Odoo ERP training program will endow you with an ability to design technical architecture to integrate ERP with third-party software.

ERP Implementation Lifecycle : Participants will get an opportunity to learn how  Odoo ERP is deployed right from planning through go-live and beyond. The various stages involved in the ERP implementation will be discussed in detail.

ERP Modular Structure : What are different ERP modules that a ERP software consists of will be discussed in the Odoo ERP training program. as each ERP software module mimics  a major functional area of an organization.

Understand the functional concepts of Odoo: After finishing the odoo ERP training session, participants will become apt at running the software. and understand each and every aspects of Odoo.

Set up a new Odoo system with the appropriate Odoo modules and access rights :After receiving Odoo ERP training from our trainer, participants will be able to set up new Odoo as per client’s requirement with respective access rights.

Manage all major enterprise processes using Odoo and administrator : There are a plethora of administrative settings using which specific tasks like e-mail setup, time zone setup., language setup can be done. In the training session, our seasoned trainers will shed a light on different kinds of administrator settings.

Pre-Requisites of Odoo ERP Training

Having a basic knowledge of Enterprise Management suffices to attend the functional Odoo ERP training program. which means you should be accustomed to what all departments exist in a company and what are the vital processes involved. in smooth functioning of various departments as then only you would be able to know. how these processes can be optimized with the help of Odoo.

We have divided our functional training program into 10 days and each day trainee will be introduced to different concepts to beef up their capability. In the first day of the training, you will learn about Enterprise, Introduction to ERP. On second day of the training, our experts will explain in detail about ERP & Related technologies and Data Management. Third day of the training will shed light on ERP Implementation Lifecycle. You will learn about ERP modular structure on 4rth day of the training. On day 5, you will be accustomed to concepts of Database Setup, CRM and sales. On day 6, the concept of purchase, Warehouse and BI tools will be revealed to you. You will be trained on vital concepts of Human Resources on seventh day of the training program. You will learn the finer nuances of Accounting & Finance on 8th day of the training program. On 9th day, our experts will take you through the pertinent concepts of the website and E-Commerce. All you need to know about configuration will be explained to you at length on the last day of the training program.

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