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Odoo Mobile Apps

As we all are now well-attuned to the amazing benefits that Odoo extends, wouldn’t it be great if you could access all Odoo applications directly from your mobile phone? The good news is that with the new “Odoo Mobile App” you can access all Odoo applications directly from your mobile phone.

Every application in the Odoo database can be accessed through one native app that allows you to carry out multiple tasks viz; content management, records reports and sales. With push notifications, you will be able to keep track of every task or action you follow and the adaptive content delivery system makes sure that every screen is optimally viewable from any device size.

One of the best CRM mobile apps in the market:

The new Odoo CRM for mobile phones greatly benefits salespersen allowing them  to manage opportunities on the go. All the exciting features that you can expect from a CRM app are:

1.Great interface
2.Enhanced user experience
3.Comprehensive set of features


Key Features:

1.Operating system: Odoo CRM mobile app is available for android users only  and you can download it from Google play.
2.Synchronization: Upon successful installation, data is instantly pulled from web app to mobile app. You can use Odoo mobile CRM offline as well and once Internet connection is established, everything is synchronized automatically.
3.Complete sales cycle: Due to the CRM mobile app, you will have control over complete sales flow (from leads to sales order), consequently you are enabled to do sales anytime, anywhere. With this powerful app, you can manage sales cycle with incredible ease and speed.

Odoo Mobile Applications

The functionalities that are covered in the IOS app include:


Odoo Messages
How you manage your messages and enlist your tasks determine whether you win customer’s loyalty or not. With Odoo’s mobile application, you can aptly manage your messages and create your “To-Do” list. Similarly, you can access your contacts in Odoo and update their details.

Odoo Warehouse
Warehouse management is by no means a mean feat and if an organization learns to manage its warehouse and its products, achieving any milestone will no longer be a daunting task. All you have to do is to scan the barcode of the product and you will be able to manage your inventories with Odoo, stock movements and much more.

Odoo Timesheets
You can now complete time-sheets in just two clicks. It is a burdensome and time-taking process in an organization where Odoo has not been implemented.

Odoo Dashboards
You can access your favorite Odoo dashboards in just a few clicks so that you can watch, save and share it everywhere.

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