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With Odoo’s project management app, your team can carry out their tasks  efficiently as well as expeditiously. You will be able to keep track of everything from the customer contract to the billing, from the big picture to the minute details. It is incredibly easy to use and infinitely flexible.

It helps you organize projects the way you want. For instance, Kanban view without geting you bogged down in unnecessary complexities give you flexibility to work efficiently on tasks and issuses, control deadlines in the calender view and schedule tasks using gantt chart. If you know how to stay organized, you are sure to excel in whatever you do. You will get attuned to the easy-to-use interface in no time and all your action will appear instantaneous so there is no impediment between you and your sweet productive flow.

Project Charter

Manage Project with PMBOK Standards with project description, scope, success requirements, checklists, stakeholders, resource and billing plan.

Work Breakdown Structure

  • WBS definition for work to be performed in a project organized in a hierarchical structure. Helps to keep an overview of the project, defines tasks and assign resources to those tasks.
  • Organize projects around your own processes.
  • You can better zero in on tasks and issues to be worked on as you can see them on Kanban view. With Odoo’s Project Management app, you can schedule tasks on gantt view and control deadlines in the calendar view.
  • A surge in productivity of your team members can be apparently seen as with Odoo’s project management app specific stages for each project can be created enabling your team to carry out their task in a simple and a professional way.


Work Breakdown Structure

It becomes easy to keep tabs on activities, durations, resources, sequencing and constraints using Automated Activity Scheduling. It pares down the chances of task redundancy and helps to make sure that all work performed is in the scope of the project.

Resource Planning

A good resource plan comprises of a detailed schedule which is prepared based on the information known and the types of resources required for each task.

Risk Management

Manage the risks to your projects in line with your Project Management Approach. Business Continuity Planning as it should be – for small and large organisations.

Change Management

Change Management integrated with Stakeholders Requirements Management

Track Issues

Single out the issuses that crop up in a project in order to have a better focus on getting them figured out. With Odoo’s project management application, it is not only possible to have customer’s feedback on every issue but also accurate reports on the performance of your team can be generated.

Ask a project manager and he will talk about the countless problems, he is grappling with. Most of the problems are easily avoidable and crop up as they are poorly managed. Completion of a project or its failure largely depends on the approach of the project manager to deal with the problems but as we all know ”to  err is human” so we can hold a project manager resonsible for why the project did not meet with success. But with Odoo’s Project Management, a project manager can have a sigh of relief and keep track of everything going on every second and every minute so he can now be an apt and quick decision maker. As most of the activities are automated with the Odoo’s project management module, a project manager will not find himself in a tight spot on account of trivial issuses. Additionally, he will be in a better position to decide what role to be assigned to which staff which means expertise of an employee can be put to use in a better way. This way, an employee also remains motivated and feel sufficiently challanged all the time. The success of a project lies in the fact that how better a project manager can use his time. Odoo’s project management module helps you decide how much time you have to allocate for completion of what. Consequently, you see that in no time all the functions of purchase department are optimised and purchase department is alive and kicking again. Earlier, the reason why many enterprises stayed away from Odoo  implementaion was that it was thought to be a costlier affair but now if you approach a right company for ERP implementaion, it will not pinch your pocket.

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