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Temperature & Humidity Sensor Integration with Odoo

Wine making is a tedious process, right temperature and humidity play pivotal role in the wine production. The ideal temperature at which Red wine should be stored is 55 degrees. When you keep wines at temperatures higher than 55 degrees, wine aging process can be augmented substantially, which is damaging to the wine.

Likewise, it is recommended that wine storage unit should be kept within a humidity range of 55 to 85 percent which is essential to keep the corks moist. When wine corks get dry, oxygen can sneak into it and oxidation starts which ruins the wine. This depicts the significance of right temperature and humidity in wine making process which if ignored can lead to massive financial loss to the manufacturer. In the similar fashion, in meat industry, cold storage industry and restaurant industry, the importance of right temperature and humidity is immense.

Now imagine a situation, when you get alerts and notifications on your cellphone when temperature and humidity drop or increase than the prescribed limit. Will it not give you terrific control over temperature and humidity management? – This is what Apagen does for you.

At first, we create a device that keeps you updated about even the slightest variations in the temperature & humidity and integrate it with the Odoo so that you could receive alerts and notifications on your cellphone on real-time basis. The device, which is based on Linux (OS), is made by clubbing DHT11 (Temperature & Humidity Sensor) with Raspberry Pi 2. It keeps you updated about any changes in the temperature as well as humidity only when you are in manufacturing unit but,what if, you want to stay updated anywhere,anytime.


Apt software engineers at Apagen, write & run a python application which collects the reading from Server & Push the data to Odoo via LAN/Internet. Based on the data received, Odoo allows you to create graphs, generate reports and automatically sends alerts and notifications if there is deviation in the temperature and humidity from the pre-determined value. These alerts can be sent through E-mail or SMS.

It was never so easier to keep tabs on the production process of manufacturing plant. Timely alerts help you rectify the mistakes on real-time basis and give you opportunity to wipe out all the flaws pertaining to the production process. Not that,  you are just monitoring temperature and humidity, instead production time is also cut down as you keep fixing all the errors at each and every step of the production process. Moreover, you can shift your attention to more meaningful pursuits as you need to monitor temperature and humidity conditions in your manufacturing unit.

We tailor-made all our solutions so that they could cater to the needs of our clients and our dedicated team of experts are at your disposal whenever you need their distinguished services.

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