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Barcode Integration with Odoo

Odoo, also known as OpenERP, is a suite of enterprise management applications. It has found its application both in SMEs and big enterprises, the application suite includes billing, accounting, warehouse management, project management etc.

Odoo has launched its version 10 a year ago, this release comes packed with an exciting list of new features. It provides a platform where all applications are under one roof.

Barcode Module

This module adds support for barcode scanning and parsing.


Utilize a USB scanner to work with standardized identifications in Odoo. It requires the scanner to be arranged to utilize no prefix and tab or a carriage return as an addition. It is noteworthy that the deferral between each character input must not be exactly or equivalent to 50 ms. Most tags will work out of the box. Care should be taken that scanner uses the same keyword layout as the device it’s plugged in.


In order to interpret the barcodes, the rules defined by a nomenclature are used. The very definition of barcode allows to spot same product with different barcodes, support for endings EAN-13, EAN-8 and UPC-A.

As of now, Barcode application is implemented for 3 application, Stock,MRP and Event.

For stock

Barcode scanning aids in finding the shipping transfer and some predefined operations like cancel, validate and edit can be performed in a flick of a second as they can be scanned from report printed from shipping transfer itself.


for MRP

Barcode scanning immensely helps in finding the manufacturing order besides performing some predefined functions like validate, cancel, edit etc.

For event

Event Management was never so easy but now as barcodes can be integrated with Odoo, whole process has become methodical and easy.  For each attendee, a barcode is generated and printed on the badge. When scanned, the registration is confirmed.

Barcode integration with Odoo allows a storekeeper to determine the status of the inventory consequently he gets to know about the items which have to be purchased. Likewise with the help of barcode the price of products can be known incisively, not only that, if you are running a big store, with the help of Barcode, you can know which items are kept where. If experts are to be believed, Odoo has now become the “de facto” determinant of entrepreneurial success and no business can long survive without Odoo implementation.

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