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If you are a seller on Amazon Marketplace and using Odoo for all other business operations, it is vitally important for you to integrate your Amazon seller account with Odoo. Amazon Marketplace is Amazon.com’s fixed-price online Marketplace which allows sellers to extend their new as well as used items besides Amazon’s regular offerings. Apagen offers an easy connector module for Amazon in order to mange all necessary operations from Odoo for Merchant fulfillment Network of Amazon. With our Odoo-Amazon connector module, you will be freed from manual data entry in Odoo as all your vital business processes are automated. Also, this module of Odoo allows you to instantly enter items and inventory data from your Odoo instance into Amazon and automatically imports Amazon orders and customer data into Odoo, thereby saves your lot of time.

Once you have installed our module, it does not require to log in to your Amazon account to make updates to your data.


Odoo Amazon Integration: Integrate Amazon and Odoo enabling you to manage your Amazon seller Central Accounts operation from Odoo.

Manage Orders ( Amazon FBM) : It was never so easy to manage orders. You are allowed to import   unshipped orders form Amazon to Oddo and update order status and shipping details from Odoo to Amazon

Reconcile settlement report: This module of Odoo allows you to download and reconcile your reports in Odoo.


Manage Products: With extraordinary ease, you can export products from Odoo to Amazon, update price, product information and image.

Manage Refunds: It allows you to directly refund an order from Odoo.

Update Stock Level: Endow you with an ability to update stock level of products from Odoo to Amazon. 

Set Automatic Jobs:  Automatic jobs can be assigned to perform important Odoo amazon integration operations.

Track Feed Submission History: In order to identify issues, feed that is submitted to Amazon during export operations can be easily tracked.

Introducing an unbelievably easy Amazon Instance management in Odoo A clean & beautiful dashboard with everything in one screen

You can view all Amazon operations at a glance on our amazing navigation dashboard. We have made the whole process incredibly easy for you allowing you to execute any operation from Amazon or navigate to any useful data directly from the dashboard itself. A click on main menu “Amazon” will take you to beautiful dashboard where you can find all Amazon navigation menus in one screen. Number of records at each box will be visible to you in red fonts. Clicking on each box navigate you to respective screens.

Integration of Amazon seller account with Odoo will benefit you in multifarious ways as most of the activities you perform on Amazon will be automated so the time spent on each task is brought down significantly.

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