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JustDial, India’s local search engine, started as a substitute for Yellow Pages Directory in 1996, provides the various business listing informations as a Call Service. Later it started its website justdial.com in 2007 followed by a Mobile App. It enlists the local business units and maintains a strong database of the services offered in a particular location. The caller can ask for a certain type of service where the JustDial provides the information on the same in its vicinity.

With the help of JustDial, many small and medium entrepreneurs expanded their business, and used it as a platform to market their business offerings. In turn, the callers find easy access to the products and services they are looking for. With every call, JustDial shares the caller’s details to the Business Owners and hence works as a channel to generate leads. These leads are often shared among several service providers and introduces a competitive advantage to the market.

JustDial provides the leads in two ways – by SMS and by Email to the business owners who are availing its paid services. It also provides a way to integrate the CRM system to get the leads through an API. This integration service is available on the request basis. Before integrating the system with JustDial, the leads that come on Mobile through an SMS or on email lose its value due to delayed response time. Due to high competition, it becomes difficult to convert the lead with the delayed response time and hence results in loss in revenue.

After integration, the leads directly fall into the CRM system and gets assigned to the proper Sales Executive on a high priority. This helps in lowering the response time and quicker conversion of the lead. This also helps in managing and tracking the number of leads provided by the Just Dial in a given period of time and run further business analyses to define the keywords properly.


The integration of Just Dial with OdooCRM is not a dime a dozen concept and it has a direct bearing on increasing the revenue of the organization. It was never possible to get connected with the potential customers as soon as you get to know what are the products or services they are seeking for. Many times, companies having superior products or services in offering than their competitors, make less profits for the fact that their competitors reached early to the customers and convinced them to purchase the service or product they have to offer. The integration directly helps the businesses achieve their ultimate and cardinal objective – revenue generation. Just integrating Just Dial with OdooCRM helps an enterprise make a huge profit that was about to be folded up. Also it helps an enterprise make the best use of Just Dial. An apt use of just dial for an enterprise is when it is integrated with ERP to boost sales.

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