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SMS Gateway Integration with Odoo

Barely, you would see anybody sending text messages to his friends, relatives or colleagues these days and for that matter when did you last send SMS to anybody? With a slew of chat applications available, you would naturally tend to cling to any of them than to opt for “Text Messaging”.  This leads us to believe that SMS is no longer relevant in 2018, isn’t it? But our daily experience says something different. Every time you make online transaction, you receive OTP through SMS,  confirmation of order message, greeting message, alerts and what not, all through SMSes. You must be thinking that why do businesses bank upon SMS than on any other chat application? The reality is that SMS is fast and efficient and does not need any data coverage or specific app to send and receive.

SMS is still dependable and is an integral part of any marketing campaign. Who can deny the fact that his/her SMS inbox has become a minefield of cashbacks on groceries, free pizza offers and free glasses from Lenskart?

But a question that must be buzzing around in your mind is that how integration of SMS Gateway with Odoo can benefit an enterprise. First and foremost, it will help you run your marketing campaigns swimmingly. In just a few clicks, your marketing messages will be delivered to your clients scattered across globe. Likewise, your marketing messages will make a way to your customer-base in a flick of a second.

Nothing delights client more than to have their queries answered in no time and this is what we do at Apagen. For instance, if any of our client wants to know the progress in HRMS module of Odoo, all he/she has to do is to send a SMS in the format given below:



And he will get the status of the project in a splash of a second. All this has been possible as we have integrated our SMS Gateway with Odoo. We can also generate a report detailing on what date what was the Query of the client, this will help us work towards client satisfaction. To make the most of the SMS Gateway Integration with Odoo, we have provided the visitors to our website an alternate option to connect with us which is by sending us SMS in below-mentioned format besides connecting with us through phone calls and emails.

Apagen_Name _ Date _ Module Name

This is how we generate a noticeable number of leads as since the SMS Gateway has been integrated with the Odoo, Odoo captures automatically captures all the details viz; Name of the visitor, Phone Number, Geographical Location etc. that helps us a great deal to turn a visitor into customer.

Needless to mention, almost everything that happens in Odoo is automated and does not require manual intervention so there is no lapse of time in processing most of the requests from client’s side.

Moreover, Odoo filters your leads on the basis of geographical location, services that the visitor wants etc. which means you do not take the pain of assorting the leads. It saves your lots of time and allow you to engage in other important tasks. With Odoo implemented in your company and integrated with SMS Gateway, what you do, you do with great finesse which results in well-rounded growth of your organization. Odoo never ever forgets anything, be it delivering your marketing messages to your potential customers or sending greetings to your clients, it does everything for you. SMS Gateway integration with Odoo can give wings to your marketing campaigns.

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