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Tryton is OpenERP that has taken off among businesses as it provides modularity, scalability and security. Tryton implementation is quite inexpensive and after its implementation all the processes of an organization are streamlined in no time. The tasks that earlier used to take hours for their completion can now be accomplished in a flick of a second with Tryton implementation. It’s modularity brings flexible and layered approach to the business concepts that brings down the time involved in project development.

Tryton features modules for different business field that currently involve:

  • Invoicing
  • Accounting
  • Sales Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Analytic Accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)
  • Project Management
  • Lead and Opportunity Management

Many enterprises have been using some applications since ages so it is inconvenient for them to abandon them all of sudden and Tryton integration with third party application is the only feasible option which is why Apagen comes in picture. We offer two days training program for freshers that aims to make them adept in integrating Tryton with Third party Applications.


If you have the knowledge of Python, Python Virtual environments and Tryton , our two day training program is exactly meant for you. After finishing the two day training program, you will learn the finner nuances of Tryton and become an apt Tryton professional.

Attendees will be introduced to  the concept of Proteus in the first day of the training program. They will also learn to write simple scripts using Proteus. Then comes the most important part, Practice Session where you will actually be able to gauge what you have learned in the training session.

On the second day of the training program, you will learn how to create an Endpoint using Tryton “User Application”, Using Proteus in Flask, Calling third-party endpoints using Python requests and urllib2.

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