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Google Adwords Integration with Odoo

The online advertising service provided by Google is referred to as Google AdWords, it is a paid service which allows advertisers to display brief advertisements, product listings, service offerings and video content within the Google Ad network to web users.

Grounded in the fact that people type in specific keywords to search for products or services they are searching on the Internet, digital marketers also use the keywords that are most likely to be searched on the Internet while placing their advertisements on Internet and when a surfer type in similar keywords, advertisements placed by advertisers appear on the top of screen. Clicking on the link will direct a person to the landing page/website where he/ she fills in necessary information about him/her. Now, if Google Adwords is integrated with Odoo, all the crucial information submitted by a person will automatically be shared with Odoo. Odoo assigns that lead to the concerned person or department which may be determined on the basis of geographical region, area of expertise, gender etc.

It does not require more than a click on the advertisement by an inquisitive person and he/she will become a lead, all this due to incredible capabilities of Odoo. Apagen’s apt engineers, who are emblem of perfection, after making painstaking efforts have been able to integrate Google Adwords with Odoo which has helped many of our esteemed clients make astonishing progress in their business.

All the same, it is not just PC which is used by readers for Internet Surfing rather a good many of us can be seen browsing on Smart-Phones/Tablets to seek information about the products or services they want to buy. As a matter of fact, it is a convenient option for us to scan the Internet on our mobile to search for the products or services we want and it is not uncommon that when you click on a search result, you see a “Click to Call” option which means you are enabled to make a call. If Google Adword is integrated with Odoo and you make a call to that number, all necessary information about you is shared with Odoo which Odoo, in turn, shares with concerned person or department on real-time basis.


If Google Adwords is integrated with Odoo, you can be easily followed-up and provided with the piece of information that is really useful for you as all necessary information pertaining to you has already been captured in the Odoo. The amalgamation of Google Adwords with Odoo benefits both the advertisers and their potential customers. Advertisers will have all the necessary information about the visitors consequently they can give meaningful propositions to the visitors while they do follow-ups. Visitors can be contacted at the right time by a right person so chances of them to turn into your customers automatically surge. Likewise, visitors will not be saddled with questions that do not interest them and serve their purpose. They will be provided with the most convenient way to engage in business.

Google Adwords Integration with Odoo is a potent tool in the hands of a digital marketer not only to widen their company’s online reach but also make a killing in the business. We have noticed that after the Google Adwords Integration with Odoo companies saw exponential rise in the sales of their products and services for the fact that now they could better connect with their potential customers.

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