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It is said that you will be thoroughly disappointed if you attempt to find anything lousy about Odoo, professionals who have experienced its magic will unequivocally agree. All its module are meant to set the professionals free from getting entangled into routine tasks and augment their productivity. E-Commerce is its yet another powerful module that will help you do away with all the complexities in running a online shop and is fully integrated with your CMS and ERP system. You can enjoy the simplicity of having all customer and product data in one place.

It is easily adaptable and will be automatically updated with your inventory and customer management system. You will never ever face any problem in using it due to it’s super easy user interface and it will also save your company time.

SHOP – Easy Management of Your Products

With Odoo’s website builder, you can create appealing product detailed pages. You can perform a plethora of incredible functions using website builder that include dragging and dropping images, banners, slides, text blocks, call to actions and even more.

You can create and edit your products. As everything is synced and integrated, the information from your inventories will also be updated.

You will be amazed to see how simple it is to do things with the help of Odoo, for instance if you add an offer to a specific product, you add a sale tag, set a new price and everything in your shop looks perfect. You would not require to add any other information in the listing or inventories, Odoo will do it for you.


WEBSITE BUILDER – Create Stunning Product Pages

The Website Builder is another powerful app that with a simple ‘Drag and Drop’ option allows you to create amazing, eye-catching pages. With Odoo’s fluid grid framework, your shop will look amazing on any screen size. From the product overview to each detailed page, you can control the colors, the layout and the feel. It will be possible for you to use clean building blocks to edit and improve your shop according to yours and customer’s needs. All the changes you make to your website will instantly reflect in your cell phone. So you can easily adapt your shop for mobile as well and which will be accessible 24/7 on any kind of device. So you will get a responsive, improved and well-thought step by step e-commerce experience.

CHECKOUT – Optimized One Step Checkout

You need to checkout that delivers if want to convert the customer’s interests into real orders.  The One-step Checkout in Odoo is improved to bring the customer all the way. It is clean, user-friendly and responsive. You can customize the checkout however you need it to fit your business. There is also easy integration to different payment systems, delivery methods, cross-selling, sales, etc.

PAYMENT – Wide Options In Payment

The needs and requirements of every online business are different when it comes to payment options and there one-size-fits all is not applicable. It does not matter what you are selling, you want to give
With so many variables to consider like the kind of product or the frequency of sales come different requirements for the offer of payment types. But no matter what you are selling you want to give your customers the freedom to pay by any type of payment they like. In Odoo you can find apps for any payment provider. You could possibly think of, from common payment types like bank transfer, PayPal and Credit Card to more exotic options like BitCoin and Stripe.

In Odoo, you have the option to get your preferred payment modules integrated and customized. You can install your payment type with one click.


Multi-company – Odoo is palatable to enterprises as it enables you to run different companies from the same system and invite as many users as you need. As you Odoo is fully integrated, different companies, can access the same information saving you from having to service redundant data.

Multi-shop – With utmost ease, different online shops can be managed from the same ERP system. All data is managed centrally and synchronized with the respective shop. This way you can keep track of every order and every shop.

Go International –  With Odoo, language barriers are completely wiped out. It is possible to edit on your master page and Odoo’s on demand professional translation service delivers in less than 32 hours.

Built In Invoicing – You can make your accountant happy with Odoo’s simple invoicing and accounting. You can control your sales and cash in real time and can make smarter decisions using the integrated reporting.

Magento Integration – We integrate your Magneto shop into the Odoo ERP system. This way you can use the most popular online shopping solution in combination with the best ERP system on the market.

Multi-currency – Odoo supports shopping in multiple currencies with real time exchange rates that are seamlessly imported into your invoicing and accounting app.

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