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Now, it’s a commonly held belief that going paperless creates a happier office. Would not you rejoice the situation where to get any job done, your dependency on paper dwindles to zero ?  If yes, to your delight, with document management system (DMS), you have to no longer depend on paper at all.

A document management system (DMS) refers to a system (based on computer programs in the case of the management of digital documents) which is used to track, manage and store documents and bring down paper.

In default Odoo, we do not have any DMS so we provide simple and very useful functionality to manage documents by this custom module.

Directory Views

You will be able to manage your documents by directory a normally all DMS do and share directory with the persons by adding them in users list. The users who have been added to directory will have access to directory and related documents of that directory.

Document Views

You will be able to manage your documents with all necessary details as shown in form view. List view also gives needed details. You can add any user by adding particular user as follower in related document and he/she can access any document.

Tags Views

It will facilitate document managers to manage tags from this view easily. You can give color on tags.


Search Views

It might be tough for you to cast around a related document among thousands of documents in Document Management System so to simplify this issue we have provided proper search view on directory and documents views. Additionally, you can also search on tag and description.

Document User Management

Like other main Odoo applications, this Document Management System also contains related users.

1. User: As a user, you can add new documents, documents having access and access directory
2. Manager: Managers are privileged to create, write and delete all documents, directory and tags.

With Document Management System module of Odoo, an office can completely go paperless. An employee can receive, submit and access to all relevant documents through Odoo’s Document Management System. It not only saves your valuable time but also gives you incredible power to access all the documents that you deem pertinent from wherever you want.

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