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The functional training offers you thorough knowledge in usability of Odoo’s Solution for Healthcare Industry. The user will be able to understand all functionalities of Odoo related to Healthcare.


This modular course is dedicated to IT Managers of Healthcare Industry who want to get a better functional understanding of Odoo and implement the same in their organization. The course aims at making the audience familiar with the Odoo features and develop a better understanding of the software.

Duration 6 days


Having attended this course, participants should be able to

  • Understand the functional concepts of Healthcare Industry
  • Set up Odoo system with the appropriate Healthcare modules and access rights
  • Work with the software on a daily basis
  • Manage all major enterprise processes using Odoo
  • Configure the software using the standard modules
  • Master the Odoo client interface
  • Apply general system administrator settings


Participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of Enterprise Management and Healthcare

CRM & Sales

Odoo’ CRM allows you to track your best leads and opportunities. You can customize your sales cycle, controls statistics and forecasts and setup marketing campaign automation to improve your sales performance.


This course aims at giving you an overview of the basic configuration of Odoo and you will also learn how to use CRM & Sales Module to follow your opportunities, leads, quotations and meetings and phone calls.

Course content

  • Exercises introducing to the different types of views within Odoo (list view, form view, calendar view,…) and different main concepts as a Partner, Sales Order,… It provides also information about the installation and configuration of a new database, creation of users and assignments of rights. Set up a new Odoo system with the appropriate modules and access rights
  • The Odoo CRM application allows you to efficiently track your sales activities. From the first contact by email or website form up to the sales order fulfillment, Odoo allows salesmen to concentrate on their deals and manage the full sales flow(lead qualification> opportunity tracking > quotation > sales order) while keeping a global vision of each stage.

Purchase Management

Odoo’s Purchase Management application enables you to create and track your purchase orders, to manage your suppliers’ address book, to control your products reception process and to check suppliers’ invoices. Users can create their own personalized analysis with the reporting tool.


This module will give the trainee a better functional understanding of purchase management flow with Odoo. From defining suppliers and products to a whole purchase flow (Request for Quotation -> Purchase Order -> Reception -> Supplier Invoice).

Course content

  • Define categories of suppliers
  • Follow your suppliers (In the Address Book you can follow all moves and transactions related to a given supplier with the history tab)
  • Import Suppliers
  • Create product categories and products • Create initial stock inventory
  • Control Receptions (With the inventory control manage back orders, reception control by orders lines and quality control)
  • Basic Purchase Flow
  • Automated Propositions (You will receive automated proposition of purchases by Odoo according to stock levels, sales, etc.)
  • Personalized analysis (Analyse the performance of your suppliers using the flexible reporting: delivery delays, discount on prices, etc.)


Inventory Management

Odoo’s Warehouse Management is very simple, flexible and complete. It is based on the concept of double entry. The system can be described by Lavoisier’s maxim “nothing lost, everything changed” or, better, “everything moved”. In Odoo you don’t talk about disappearance, consumption or loss of products: instead you speak only of stock moves from one place to another.

Odoo invented the double-entry inventory management system which allows to manage complex needs very easily: tracking stocks of suppliers/customers, full traceability, accounting links, etc. Odoo support multi -warehouse management based on hierarchical location structure. Manage your own internal locations, external locations, customers, suppliers or Healthcare inventories.


This module will give trainee a better functional understanding of integration of stock management within Odoo (defining stock location, warehouse, stock rules replenishment, automatic order point,)

Course content

The Warehouse Management tools provide all operations needed to manage stock:

  • Define warehouses and structure them around locations,
  • Manage inventory rotation and stock levels,
  • Execute packing orders generated by the system,
  • Calculate theoretical stock levels and automate stock valuation,
  • Create rules for automatic stock replenishment



The Pharmacy Management System will take care of all drugs-related and other disposable items that have a definite expiry date. The system will maintain balances and a transaction history for each medication item including cost and suppliers.

Course content

  • Demand
  • Management/Indenting
  • Drug Dispensing
  • Drug Receipts
  • Process Monitoring
  • Stock Management
  • Interfacing

Electronic Medical Record

This module is an integrated patient viewer that provides a cross-disciplinary where a patient-focused view of clinical information resident in Clinical Data Repository is provided.


This module will give the trainee a better functional understanding of managing Electronic Health Records of the Patient.

Course content

  • Ability to capture SOAP (Subject Objective Assessment & Plan)
  • Ability to capture diagnosis with codes and status
  • Ability to automatically generate and present treatment and discharge summaries
  • Ability to capture outcomes
  • Ability to make entries that are classified as being Critical Care Data (CCD) that may be visible to anyone – this information must be deemed to be critical for the survival of the patient and the lack of which may contribute directly towards fatal consequences for the patient
  • Ability to generate, preview and print treatment summaries in OPD and discharge summaries in IPD/A&E settings
  • Prescription based auto scheduling of medications
  • Manual scheduling of medications
  • Dosage details with instructions
  • Set Alarm/reminders for medications
  • Record medication “taken”
  • Patient Education Content for prescribed medications
  • Show Active and Past Medications
  • Medication report – for a period or for a medication

Patient Care Management


This module will give the trainee a better functional understanding of Patient Care Modules.

Course content

  • Nurse Management
  • OT Management
  • Anaesthesia Management
  • Dietary Module
  • Immunization/Vaccination

Laboratory Management

The investigation services take care of all system critical information related to investigations that has a patient context. It ensures that proper care is delivered to the right patient by the right people after proper evaluation and assessment of the patient’s condition that can only be ascertained through investigations carried out in specialized laboratories and units and reporting them to the care provider to as high degree of accuracy as is possible under the current circumstances.

Course content

  • Pathology
  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry, Hematology & Serology
  • Radio-Diagnostic Information System
  • Blood Bank Management System

Human Resources

Manage the most important asset in your company: “People”. With our module for personnel information management, leave, time tracking, attendance‚ expenses, payroll, periodic evaluations and recruitment.


This module gives trainee a better understanding of Human Resources functionalities such as Employees, Contracts encoding to the management of holidays, expenses and time tracking

Course content

In Odoo, the Human Resources Management tools provide functionalities such as :

  •  Management of staff and the holiday calendar
  • Management of employment contracts
  • Management of holiday and sickness breaks
  • Managing claims processes
  • Management of staff performance
  • Management of skills and competencies
  • Staff Payroll

Patient Billing

The Patient Billing System provides the hospital with a comprehensive facility to track all charges for a patient from the point of registration to the point of discharge / completion of a visit.

Course content

  • Charge Masters
  • OPD Billing
  • OP Services Billing
  • Day care Billing
  • IP Billing
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Payments Management
  • Investigation charges

Accounting & Finance

Odoo’s accounting modules enable you not only to manage your operations clearly, following the workflow through from invoicing to payment, but also to use various tools for financial analysis based on both real-time data and recent history depending on the analysis. Your accounting structure can be completely configured from A to Z to match the needs of your company very closely.

Record your operations in a few clicks and manage all your financial activities in one place. Financial operations have never been easier!


This module provides trainee a better functional understanding of Financial and Analytical part of the application (Invoice, Refund but also periodical processing such as reconciliation, payment follow-up,…).

Course Content

  • Manage operations clearly but also to use efficient tools for financial analysis based on real-time data.
  • Configure your accounting structure from A to Z, defining automated recurring actions as well as payment and budget follow-up
  • Drive your strategic enterprise decisions with the analytic (or cost) accounting modules.
  • Have access to key information thanks to dynamic accounting dashboards
  • Keep track of accounting moves by providing flexible data entry for people without accounting background.


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