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The shift to digital has advertising and marketing agencies undergoing a rapid transformation. As retainers and mark-ups give way to fee- and performance-based revenue, monitoring project profitability and employee performance becomes imperative. Yet many agencies rely on disparate management and billing systems, leaving agency leaders without a single actionable view of the business.

Our ERP solution provides a holistic approach to manage all aspects of business considering the high level of competitiveness required in the industry.


Industry Challenges

  • Handle customer life-cycle from creative briefs to performance analysis.
  • Performance monitoring of campaigns and adverts and provide real time view to customers
  • Flexibility in providing rescheduling in case of missed orders.


Creative & Scheduling

  • Creative Briefs
  • Script Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Traffic Scheduling

Project Management

  • Activity Scheduling
  • Resource Planning
  • Milestone Mapping
  • Billing & Revenue

Finance & Accounting

  • Receivables & Payables
  • Fixed Assets
  • Bank & Cash
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Management Accounting
  • Bookkeeping & Closure
  • Consolidation & Reporting

Our Solution for Creative & Scheduling

Creative Briefs

  • Create customer briefs for every need of the customer
  • Model questions according to vision and targets of the client
  • Model proposal according to the brief by the customer

Script Management

  • Create Scripts for promotions and ads based on scripts.
  • Maintain schedules, priorities and real-time status
  • Maintain inventory of scripts that can be used over long period and case studies

Traffic Scheduling

  • Scheduling of adverts and campaigns by day, brand, media
  • Real-time status and audit of traffic logs on various media outlets.
  • Generate invoices based on actual run of the orders

Campaign Management

  • Create Marketing campaigns and automate them with easy to use tools.
  • Record Campaign activities, results & analysis with user friendly interface

Our Solution for Finance

Receivables & Payables

  • Ability to view open receivables & payables based on period & partners in one click
  • Process payments with manual or automatic reconciliations with ease
  • Manage automated payment follow-ups for your customers
  • Handle payments in multiple currency with currency exchange rates

Fixed Assets

  • Record purchase and maintain data of new assets with asset depareciation methods.
  • Automated depreciation of pre-defined dates along with generated ledger entries
  • Monitor depreciation over a period by asset or asset categories.

Bank & Cash

  • Maintain liquidity for business operations.

Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Ability to define budgets by company, department or cost centres
  • Create checkpoints for budget check at various control points like purchases, recruitment, etc.
  • Analyse budget performance in real-time and take informed decisions

Management Accounting

  • Define Analytic Accounts, record transactions under those accounts and track live performance..
  • Analyse profit/Loss for each accounts in real-time environment.
  • Ability to add multiple accounts for single transaction.

Bookkeeping & Closure

  • Maintain Accounts by defining service areas, ledgers, taxes, bank accounts, budgets, payment terms, etc.
  • View Financial transactions in few clicks and drill down to see details and origin

Consolidation & Reporting

  • Ability to generate legal and financial reports with ability to filter and drill-down capability

Our Solution for Project Management

Work Breakdown Structure

  • WBS definition for work to be performed in a project organized in a hierarchical structure. Helps to keep an overview of the project, defines tasks and assign resources to those tasks.
  • Organize projects around your own processes.
  • Work on tasks and issues using the kanban view; schedule tasks in the gantt chart and control deadlines in the calendar view.
  • Create specific stages for each project, so all your teams can optimize their work in a simple and a professional way

Activity Scheduling

  • Automated Activity Scheduling helps keeping track of activities, resources, durations, sequencing, and constraints. Reduces task redundancy and helps ensure all work performed is in the scope of the project.

Resource Planning

  • A good resource plan consists of a schedule that is as detailed as possible for the information known, and the types of resources needed for each task

Risk Management

  • Manage the risks to your projects in line with your Project Management Approach. Business Continuity Planning as it should be – for small and large organisations.

Change Management

  • Change Management integrated with Stakeholders Requirements Management.

Business Benefits of the Solution

Customer Life-Cycle

A customer once acquired requires services over the whole lifetime. Tracking of customer from acquisition to 1st campaign, results and its growth over time gives insights of performance of our services, It provides learning curve for future projects, a platform for devising future strategies and taking imperative actions from time to time.

Effortless Monitoring

Each agency has its own pool of resources of creative bend which are assets to organization. With real-time assignment of resources to activities and projects, resource utilization, optimization and profitability can be analysed, optimized and handled with ease.

Order with Ease

Agencies regularly place orders to various media outlets for their projects. An efficient order management software for various types of media, brand brings about a sigh of relief to Account Managers who can track orders in real-time. Media Portal allows them to upload pricelists which further simplifies order management and reduces order processing time.

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