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A Human Resource Management strives to attain its final objective which is to make sure an easy management of business processes, human resources, and data. Businesses use Human Resource Software to combine numerous HR functions that include:

  • Employee relations
  • Recruitment processes
  • Payrolls and benefits
  • Storing Employee Data
  • Benefits administration
  • Recruitment processes
  • Record keeping

It makes sure everyday Human Resources processes are easy to access and manageable. Odoo, is an open source ERP that manages all the needs of an enterprise like accounting, human resource management, warehouse management, inventory, customer relationship management, sales etc. It serves as a suite of enterprise application that enhances the efficiency of business solutions. Here, we will discuss how Odoo can bring about radical changes in Human Resource Management. 

We all are accustomed to the crucial role that HR plays in an enterprise for identifying the right resources, retaining them and utilizing them to the core in favor of the organization.

Let us see how Odoo can expand the working horizon of Human Resource Management. 

Key Features


  • Employee Register – You can feed all essential data related to your employees on Odoo and oversee all important information in your company address book.
  • Recruitment – You can monitor recruitment process and do evaluation. It also enables you to search and browse through your CV base and place a request for hiring.
  • Joining/On-Boarding – It greatly helps HR professionals with Joining / On-Boarding process and allows them to keep tabs on each activity.
  • Asset Allocation – Managing employee assets was never so easy. Odoo allows you to track employee assets by employee name, serial number and asset category.
  • Attendance Management – Attendance management is important aspect of HRM, with Odoo, you can check time spent on tasks, record timesheets, control your employees and project costs.
  • Expense Reimbursement – Get rid of the paper work and follow expenses directly into Odoo. Easy validation, reimbursement and re-invoicing.
  • Leave Management – Odoo allows employees to place their requests for leaves (paid holidays, sick leave etc) for managers to approve and validate.
  • Performance Evaluation – Set-up evaluation plans for your employees and watch their evolution. Define steps with interviews and keep track of the progress.
  • Exit Management – Manage the exit process of employee with complete tracking of all processes in real-time.
  • Training Management – Training is crucial for employees to augment their skills and it is equally important for a HR personal to keep record of training requests, training conducted and results derived therein – Odoo serves the same purpose for you.
  • Reporting – Odoo allows you to view your employees’ timesheet and leaves in one single dashboard.
  • Payroll – It would no longer be burdensome task to generate salary slips, get customized reports and manage contracts. You would be able to maintain data of all your employees in your organisation.
  • Alerts & Notifications – Geting timely information is no mean feat isn’t it? With Odoo implemented in your organisation, you will never miss on any information as you receive timely alerts and notifications for follow-ups, urgent activities, MIS reports.

The success of an organisation largely depends on how efficient its Human Resource Department is as it manages the most precious asset of the organisation, its people. If human resource department stops functioning good enough, it will bring all other tasks of an organisation to standstill so now both SMEs as well as big incorporation are in favor of Odoo implementation. It has transcended HR professional’s expectations and unbelievably simplified their tasks.

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