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Organization Fleet Management

  • Odoo’s product offers you a plausibility to deal with all your organization vehicles’ lifecycle from the main contract with the renting organization to the administrations related with the vehicle allotted to a representative.
  • You can oversee everything through our easy to understand managerial framework – fuel log sections, costs and numerous different highlights important for the administration of your organization’s vehicles.

Contracts and Administrative Follow-up

  • Manage all agreements for your vehicles and get a notice email when an agreement achieves its termination date. A few visual apparatuses are set up to guarantee that you’ll make sure to renew (or to end) your agreement.
  • You won’t require any particular following framework for organization vehicles – with Odoo’s keen application, you can watch out for your vehicles in a couple of straightforward snaps.

Track Your Company Cars

  • You can just allot vehicle to an employee and set the correct vehicle circumstance diagram while conveying. Likewise, check the vehicle status and odometer esteems between two assignments and enroll it to monitor vehicle lifecycle.
  • Tracking your organization vehicles ends up straightforward and simple


Organization Vehicle Fleet

  • Manage the key points of reference: procurement, upkeep, redelivery.
  • Easily add vehicles to your vehicle and track the entire lifecycle and anticipate any upkeep or substitution.

Vehicle Services Management

  • Organize the administrations around the vehicle and speak with the qualified specialist co-ops; oversee solicitations and notes.
  • Set up a vehicle strategy inside your organization, and in addition a protection arrangement to deal with your vehicle in the most proficient way

Investigation and Reporting

  • Show all expenses related with a given vehicle or with a kind of administration. You can likewise make correlation/investigation between various kinds of costs (which vehicles cost the most; which administrations have been performed on which vehicles; and so on) by utilizing the detailing instrument).
  • You get supportive bits of knowledge about the successful return of every vehicle keeping in mind the end goal to enhance your vehicle speculations.
  • You can recognize and follow the cash spent by your organization for every one of the vehicles. The repeating expenses of your agreements (for instance, renting contracts) are consequently made toward the start of every period (day/week/month/year) contingent upon the recurrence determined in the agreements.
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