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Would it not be great if you could automatically organise manufacturing orders? What if, you could gain unrivalled control and flexibility in all operations? Will it not create difference if manufacturing orders, launch purchase orders are automatically organised? Manufacturing Resource Planning is yet another powerful module of Odoo that gives you terrific control over all your supply chain activities. You will be able to plan and control each and every aspect of your supply chain through different applications in the manufacturing module. In addition to that you can personalize your master data, manage your manufacturing, configure planning and work orders. The overall performance of a company largely depends on how its manufacturing and supply chain department are doing.

Key Features

  • Efficient Scheduling – Schedulers automatically organize manufacturing orders, launch purchase orders & reserve products in stock.
  • Manage materials and HR – Define and plan efficiently the working time and capacity of your resources.
  • Master Data – Odoo supports: multi-level Bill of Materials, push & pull logistic rules, advanced routings.
  • Flexibility in All Operations – Edit manually all operations at any level of the progress. With Odoo, you will not be frustrated by a rigid system.
  • Stock Alerts – Get your stock alerts generated in real time to avoid shortages at any given time.
  • Stock Analytics – Track the evolution of the stock value, according to the level of manufacturing activities as they progress in the transformation process.


  • Integrated with Purchase, Sales & Inventory – Seamlessly integrated with Purchase, Sales & Inventory module to efficiently link various processes and provide real time status on orders
  • Process Costing – Allows to do process costing (Material Cost, Labour Cost, Overheads Cost) for manufacturing orders.
  • Quality Control – Quality Control is available for each process or final check. Inspection and test can be created at will with required parameters.
  • Get Real-time Statistics – Get precise forecasts with the Odoo CRM business intelligence engine to size up your sales activities. Flexible reporting options with pivot and graphical views and with all possible filters and groups.
  • Alerts & Notifications – Get timely alerts and notifications for urgent activities, follow-ups, MIS reports.

Gauging the pivotal role Odoo’s “Manufacturing Resource Planning” module plays in fostering the growth of an organisation, it can be safely concluded that it is an indispensable and must-have tool for any manufacturing company. Be it scheduling, costing, quality,HR, analytics or operations, there can be exorbitant surge in every functions if power of Odoo could be unleashed. If you are longing for optimizing each and every function of manufacturing department, it is no longer a distant dream with Odoo’s Manufacturing Resource Planning module. Problems that professional face in manufacturing industry are myriad and without automating the manufacturing processes it is not possible to root out their problems and this is where Odoo comes in.

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