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We have a dedicated team of 300 skilled and experienced Odoo professionals who specialize in providing Odoo solutions and are at your disposal in a short span of time on short, medium or long term contracts. We take care of staffing requirements of companies by providing them with our highly experienced Odoo professionals. These professionals have rich experience which they have garnered working on a slew of Odoo implementations and by being actively involved in countless support engagements. Our present availability indicates that we could fulfill any open positions advertised by you.

Oftentimes, it so happens that best of your resources have to take leave from work in order to meet pressing personal obligations, due to some disease or circumstances where they are provided with no option but to place a leave request. It is an unavoidable phenomenon in companies all over the world. There is nothing much an organization can do about it than to seek for the solutions which could compensate the loss. Moreover , you can not saddle another department with the task of absentees more so often as it will hinder with their performance and productivity. Then, what could be done to mitigate the risk of decline in performance of a department in the wake of its employees being absent.

Apagen is a one-stop solution provider for all your contract staffing needs. We provide our clients single source management for all their staffing requirements. Apagen has made staffing easier without sacrificing competency and quality. The demand for efficient and competent staff members are surging and companies always aim to fill their core position strategically by choosing a candidate who meets stringent parameters. This is where Apagen comes in.

We make Odoo professionals available to you who are endued with requisite skills and expertise to meet all your requirements.


Our contract staffing services will benefit you in a score of ways including:-

  • An instant solution to any staffing problem
  • Enhanced productivity for the entire team.
  • It will make that extra hours available with the departments which they always feel scarcity of.
  • If you are not satisfied with the Odoo professional we provide, we will find you a suitable replacement in a record time.

If you need immediate Odoo professionals, count on us for quality and a quick timeline with no employee-related costs. Apagen offers flexible solutions for seasonal and cyclic hiring and requests within 24 hours. We take pride in being one-stop solution provider for all your staffing requirement and we can do it really fast.        

It’s not that only you or we alone will be benefited rather it’s a win-win situation for Odoo professionals as well. A research reveals that one out of five contract employees prefer temporary work due to flexibility it offers. Furthermore, nine of the ten contractual employees think that contractual jobs make them more employable.

Whether you need contractual employees due to employees absenteeism or owing to a seasonal spike or special project, Apagen always provide you with not only skilled Odoo professionals but also professionals having unbridled enthusiasm to give nothing but the best. Whether it’s a day, a week or even a year, contract workers want to come to work. They get ample opportunities to develop new skill sets necessary to excel in particular industry which also increase their chances to get hired and fare well in premium organizations. 

Apagen’s Odoo ERP & Advisory services aim to bridge the gap that is created due to unavailability of Odoo professionals in your organization.   

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