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Are they doing it right? Big question, in case you are facing challenges during Odoo ERP Implementation process.

We are here to rescue your ongoing bad Odoo ERP Implementation from sudden future Crash. Our Project Rescue Team deeply analyses the pain areas of an on-going Implementation whether it is in execution by in-house or by some third party.


  • Vendor lock-in
  • Resource Crunch during real time project execution
  • Lack of knowledge and competency in implementation team
  • Implementation approach is not synchronized with the business growth and business practicalities
  • Pre-development system design or business blue-printing is not considerably good if we are trying to give dashboards and reporting to the top management and iterative rework demand is there
  • Bad Project Governance structure
  • Poor Project Management
  • Quality assurance is not up to the mark
  • Technical and Functional documentation of project development is not properly done
  • Bad Odoo ERP Project development and implementation effort estimation
  • No proper project change procedures
  • And Many problems vary from case to case and company to company



  • We introduce and prepare all sort of working parameters to avoid vendor lock-in, so that we can solve the purpose of being in opensource
  • Resource planning is to be done once before starting the project and continues review of team and resource availability is to be done every month to maintain the continuity of the Odoo Implementation project.
  • In case of incompetency, We will train existing team or if training of existing tem is not possible, we will allocate capable resources in place
  • Real part of ERP implementation starts when coding and development part is over as realtime practical adoptability is a real concern while rolling ERP system on real grounds
  • System blueprinting and design requires 80% of total project efforts and coding with QA requires just 20% of it. So if system design is not proper then, we need do System reengineering of by stopping all on going developments for a while to protect entire project from sudden crash at the time of intelligent reports and dashboard generation
  • We deploy project governance structure before kicking-off any project with all required heads like Sponsorship comity, Steering comity, CTMs and so on to avoid any kind of mismanagement during execution time
  • We structure project management as per the project size, money, resources and methodology in our internal ERP system to manage and meet all deadlines on time
  • We introduce testing procedures if they are not in place during implementation
  • We have technical and functional documentation procedure and are to be emended if are not in place as per standard
  • Project re-estimation is required in terms of efforts if initial estimation is not done correctly and was given to client just for the sake of winning project by showing cheap attractive rates as without correct estimation and existing system audit this is always too risky to proceed
  • We introduce proper project change procedures if they are not in place like to change Documentation, Design, Requirement Blueprints, Code, functionality, Access rights which so ever is coming under the head of iterations
  • And we find solutions to problem by case to cases bases by analyzing the way vendor is providing services
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