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Lately, data and computerized advances that have been improving at extraordinary speed and affecting the work process of Radio Stations organizations are presently renovating the conventional method of the work process and generation administration. The rearing of digital Radio Stations resources has conveyed multitudinous troubles to the Radio Stations inventory network. For organizations working in Radio Stations sector, these new delivery & content channels develop conspicuous difficulties over resource and asset administration. Radio Stations associations and organizations which keep up obsolete business administration frameworks may wind up endeavoring to conform to current methods for running business. With a specific end goal to remain focused, Radio Stations organizations should look for approaches to swing to advantage scale economies while holding the capacity to separate themselves through innovative business administration and strategies.


Key Challenges

  • Real-Time visibility of space inventory to sales executives leading to delayed sales confirmation process
  • Real-Time order booking while sitting in front of the customer to avoid delay in order confirmation & delivery
  • Flexibility in providing rescheduling in case of missed orders.
  • Distribution inefficiencies due to inaccurate or delayed orders


CRM & Sales

  • Lead Management
  • Order Management
  • Order Dispatch
  • After- Sales Service
  • Customer Portal

Creative & Scheduling

  • Creative Briefs
  • Script Management
  • Traffic & Scheduling
  • Traffic Audit

Finance & Accounting

  • Receivables & Payables
  • Fixed Assets
  • Bank & Cash
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Management Accounting
  • Bookkeeping & Closure
  • Consolidation & Reporting

Human Resources

  • Workforce Management
  • Recruitment
  • Talent Management
  • Employee Development
  • Payroll & Benefits

Our Solution for CRM & Sales

Lead Management

  • Track the prospect from enquiry stage to closure to engage effectively with the prospect to ensure a long lasting relationship.
  • Analyze the quality of your leads and pipeline in terms of tickets size, lead sources, closure dates, conversion time and many more custom parameters
  • Set controls and automated actions for opportunity management activities to enhance customer acquisition.

Order Management

  • Raise Time Orders for client based on different price lists, party type and time bands.
  • Configure price lists based on type of advertisement, date, quantum of booking, station booked, etc.
  • Record the advance payment for orders based on pro-forma invoice.
  • Track Sales with reference to Period, Salesperson, Sales Team, Products, etc.
  • Obtain real-time information on customers’ credit worthiness, invoices and payments.

Customer Portal

  • Provides customers a window to access their information at will.
  • Customers can see product price list, order status, download orders/invoice copy.

Our Solution for Creative & Scheduling

Creative Briefs

  • Create customer briefs for every need of the customer
  • Model questions according toe vision and targets of the client
  • Model proposal according to the brief by the customer

Script Management

  • Create Scripts for promotions and ads based on scripts.
  • Maintain schedules, priorities and real-time status
  • Maintain inventory of scripts that can be used over long period and case studies

Traffic & Scheduling

  • Salesperson have real-time availability of slots availability for a particular day
  • MAuto-schedule traffic logs based on availability, industries.
  • Modify logs at will with easy to use tools
  • Generate invoices based on actual run of the orders

Traffic Audit

  • Ability to check schedules and run schedules for specific orders.
  • Rectify missed logs with make good policies like rescheduling the logs
  • Generate reports and logs to see run gaps

Our Solution for Finance

Receivables & Payables

  • Ability to view open receivables & payables based on period & partners in one click
  • Process payments with manual or automatic reconciliations with ease
  • Manage automated payment follow-ups for your customers
  • Handle payments in multiple currency with currency exchange rates

Fixed Assets

  • Record purchase and maintain data of new assets with asset depreciation methods.
  • Automated depreciation of pre-defined dates along with generated ledger entries
  • Monitor depreciation over a period by asset or asset categories.

Bank & Cash

  • Maintain liquidity for business operations.

Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Ability to define budgets by company, department or cost centers
  • Create checkpoints for budget check at various control points like purchases, recruitment, etc.
  • Analyse budget performance in real-time and take informed decisions

Management Accounting

  • Define Analytic Accounts, record transactions under those accounts and track live performance..
  • Analyse profit/Loss for each accounts in real-time environment.
  • Ability to add multiple accounts for single transaction.

Bookkeeping & Closure

  • Maintain Accounts by defining service areas, ledgers, taxes, bank accounts, budgets, payment terms, etc.
  • View Financial transactions in fe clicks and drill down to see details and origin

Consolidation & Reporting

  • Ability to generate legal and financial reports with ability to filter and drill-down capability

Our Solution for Human Resources

Workforce Management

  • Organizations are liable to monetary cycles. They are relied upon to convey on their promise to their investors independent of economic situations. In a down swing, organizations are compelled to cut costs, work with reduced staff. Among the numerous levers that organizations would need to use to accomplish their objectives, Workforce Management is a basic part.

Recruitment Management

  • End-to-end recruitment management empowers you to rapidly find the best talents in market and maintain long term relationships.
  • Solution manages Job Requirements, recruitment stages, candidate profile, interview planning, candidate assessment and manage offer letters and on-boarding.

Talent Management

  • Design your talent requirements, construct a solid brand image to attract best talents, ensure smooth and quick integration of new joiners, manage periodic performance evaluation and conduct activities for improving workforce efficiency.

Payroll & Benefits

  • Payroll Solution allows to create custom salary rules suited to the land and your organization.
  • Ability to define payroll batches, capture attendances, leaves, overtime and loans
  • Generate payslips with approval and reports are per requirements

Business Benefits of the Solution

Improve communication between teachers, parents, and students 

School management always requires 3-way communication between parents, teachers and students which often lacks in clarity or completeness. The solution allows automated alerts and reports available to parents and students within clicks and can be seen with the convenience of mobile phone.

Anywhere anytime access

Cloud based solution offers you flexibility to access your work anytime anywhere in the world. Students can refer learning materials, teachers can check course plans while the administration can access any type of school data.

Increased daily productivity

Automation of most school activities allows you to concentrate on activities which requires most attention. Efforts spent on unproductive daily activities like attendance reconciliation or class scheduling becomes a thing of the past. Thus, you’ll be able to improve the efficiency of your day to day tasks.

Connect multiple departments

Lack of integration between departments is one of the main challenges many school chains with several franchisees in different locations regularly face. This can affect the efficiency of operations, resource and overall growth of the school in a great deal. Single window access will be available to all locations.

Better association of information

With an incorporated database, an ERP framework will store and sort out your information in a more viable way. From timetable administration to expense accumulation, the framework will record, compose and follow everything for you, ruling out blunders.

Automate alerts and notifications

From reminding due installments to guardians, to advising instructors about unapproved leaves to yearly repairs of assets, solution will enable you to make cautions, updates, and notices ahead of time which will take a significant remaining task at hand from your employee’s shoulders.

Information security

A good ERP software accompanies great security highlights which will ensure to anchor the information of your association in case of cyber-attacks. Also, the framework will assist you with information recuperating in instances of cataclysmic events or framework breakdowns.

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